Learning and Loving Outside of Normal Life

I’m not going to lie; I have a comfortable life. I have a good family, good school, and good friends. On Sundays, I go to church with my family, and the rest of the week I hang around the house or play tennis with my brothers. It’s just that since I have this life where I don’t think about getting clean water or if I’ll even get a meal tonight, I tend to wish for bigger things. I’m sure that we all do sometimes, but what I want might be a little different.

I’m not saying I want to grow up quickly and give up some years of my life. I’m saying that I wish I could live life a little bit bigger and a little more interesting than what the average person at my age does. I’m just an impatient person.
I’m young and I know I’ll probably have awhile to live life, go to school, and figure out what I’m good at, but I’m still impatient. I want to be able to get up and go where I want to go and do what I want to do just because it interests me. I wish there was a safe and plausible way that I could learn about the world and experience life and to share my love, God’s love, and kindness to every possible person all of the time.

I want to get my education by traveling the world. Picture going to different countries and cities to learn about their culture and history, how they came to be what they are and why. Imagine seeing for yourself how battles and wars changed economies, peoples, and whole countries. I don’t want to read about history in a textbook, I want to be standing where history was made and see how it changed the world. I wish to study marketing by being around different shopping sites and stores in other nations to figure out why certain industries are big in some places and small in others. Haven’t you ever dreamed of understanding animals, their behaviors, and the wild by being in the wild yourself? How often do you long to get away from the city and study a night sky overflowing with stars? I’ve always wondered what it would be like to learn languages, customs, and cultures by being around the native people and living in their lifestyles. I want to learn by going out into the world.

Wherever I would go I would help as many people as I could. Whether that would be sharing the Gospel, or simply sharing love, kindness, and giving help to the needy, it would still make someone’s life a little better than before.

Imagine witnessing firsthand the effects of providing clean water and food to people fighting malnutrition and diseases. Just think of the joy of less fortunate people getting the life they need and deserve. I want to share the Gospel, the full Gospel, to those who have never heard it or don’t understand it, and give them the hope and love that it gave to me. It doesn’t even have to be a very needy country. I dream of being that small act of kindness that lights up a person’s day to every person that I can reach, even the elderly vendor in the market or the children playing soccer down the street. I want to learn just how much kindness and love can transform a person’s life.

I desire to expand my horizon not by being in a classroom, but by being out in the world. I want to reach the needy not just by giving a few donations, but also by being there for them, helping them in person. I wish to share God’s love and promise and give to others what it gave to me. I long to learn about the world by living a life more adventurous and outgoing than what most people live.

However, I’m actually okay with not traveling the world. I’m fine with going to school day after day, week after week. I’m all right with learning about this complicated world from a desk in a classroom. I’m okay with having a moderately normal life because I like my life so far. It may get boring with the same routines and expectations, but it has its high points even if they’re simple things. Sometimes it’s just really nice to go to the park with my family or hang out with a few friends on the weekend.

I’m glad for the life that God has given me, but having a good life won’t stop me from dreaming of a bigger one. I hope it doesn’t stop you either.

Sometimes dreams are just dreams, but sometimes dreams push us towards a better future.



4 thoughts on “Learning and Loving Outside of Normal Life

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  3. Nanay 😊

    You have such a wonderful heart. I will pray that the Lord will grant the desires of your heart. I will pray that all provisions will be granted to you so you can see the fruition of your dreams.
    Keep writing.


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