Do you remember

Hearing that perfect song played on his guitar

Watching the final brush stroke of his masterpiece

Seeing his winning shot of the championship game

Witnessing him follow his dream

Bursting with your own pride and happiness for him

Noticing that pride in his eyes

Holding in those tears as you hear their praises

Knowing that you have never been the recipient of such words

Feeling like you will never find your passion

Wanting to possess any talent at all

Wishing that you had the patience to learn

Experiencing the pain of wanting, yet never doing

Wondering what it’s like to pursue a passion

Hoping that one day you will discover your purpose.


Do you remember

Hearing them say those words that made you almost cry

Watching their eyes as they read your words

Witnessing their lips slowly turn into smiles

Holding onto that moment for as long as possible

Knowing that you’ve finally found a passion

Feeling the pride almost burst out of your chest

Wanting this talent to never leave you

Wondering how far you’ll go with this

Hoping that one day your passion

  Will become your purpose.



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