As you lie in the fresh grass and stare at the blue sky, Imagination shares his thoughts, his daydream fantasies, his favorite things. His eyes light up brighter and brighter as he describes what he loves about the world.

Imagination puts twenty-six letters into words,  sculpted into perfect sentences to paint a picture in your mind. Your smile grows wider as his story becomes a movie. Imagination dreams up the greatest of adventures, the most perilous and noble of quests. He builds a world of dragons and kingdoms and fairies. In that world are the most vivid of colors, the most beautiful of princesses, the darkest of villains.

There’s another side to Imagination.

Sometimes he thinks of darkness.

His mind can’t help but form more and more premonitions about how this could all go wrong. His eyes go gray as he hangs his head and trudges down the street. The colorful world around seems to melt away as if he’s just part of a painting.

Imagination trips on his thoughts and falls to the pavement. Rolling over on his back, he sighs. Looking up, he sees the sun forcing its way through the clouds.

There is blue behind those clouds.

Sitting up, he takes a look around and finds that the grass is green again. The world isn’t so dreary anymore.

Imagination stands up and brushes off his hands.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Imagination pushes away the thoughts of before and focuses on the now.

The sky is blue. He is breathing.

The smile has returned to his lips and his eyes are shining brighter.

He is okay.

Imagination gets back on the road to Destiny. Sometimes he stumbles and falls over obstacles thrown at him by Destruction. He follows Time and wants to slow down, but everything around him keeps moving on, so he does too.

Imagination lives a pretty good life, though once in awhile he’ll find himself in a dark tunnel, full of all the things that bring him down. It’s a good thing that he can usually soon see a sliver of light ahead.

Pushing himself to the end of the tunnel, Imagination is engulfed in daylight. He uses that feeling of freedom, relief, and happiness to guide his mind.

Imagination doesn’t let himself stay in the darkness for too long. He basks in the beauty of the light.

His laugh is louder, his smiles are wider, and his eyes are shining brighter than ever before.

Yours are too.






Following Time

A Question of Strength


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