A Morning

A morning. A shower.

A light pouring into the room.

A purpose? An inspiration?

Where can I find them?

Searching for something,


To spark and ignite the fire unlit for too long.

Flipping through old pages and finding nothing

But a smile on my lips as I remember old times.

Sitting back and wondering

How the times have changed so quickly.

Still- no inspiration.

My laptop is open to the movie from the night before.

A sudden excitement arises in me

While I set aside the need for something better,

Something more creative,

As I grab a blanket, get comfy on the couch, and

Press play on the unfinished movie.

Inspiration can wait.






5 thoughts on “A Morning

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  1. Oh my goodness I love this so much – I feel like we as writers get in the habit of racking our brains so much. I felt so much tension in your search for inspiration, then a release once you decided to finish the movie. Great piece! And so relatable.

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