Scarred Jewel

Core capital.

Center city.

Complication of winding streets.

Citadel of protected nobility.

Know your heart like you know your name and guard it’s fragile borders.

A broken glass is not glued together without visible cracks.

Hearts are made of glass easily, shattered with missing pieces smaller than sight.

The heart, being the essence of a person in the form of a jewel,

Is too valuable to simply be locked up.

It is paraded under all the lights for the world to see, for all the people to admire,

Until someone is a little too rough and their touch is a little too harsh,

And that heart cracks. slowly. painfully. breaks.

That valuable jewel is no longer paraded.

It is kept hidden where it will be forgotten.

Where it cannot be hurt. where it cannot know hurt.

And there it will remain until someday, someone,

Has the courage to mend its broken pieces, to restore it to former glory,

And return that beautiful heart of a jewel to its rightful place-

Under the sun, under the eyes of all awed beholders.

It might be cracked. it might have scars.

But sometimes, scars make you stronger.





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