Above the Clouds

as the clouds began to darken

she just couldn’t help herself

finding the ladder against the wall

then towards the sky, away from shelf

climbing high she smiled

for she knew just what she’d find

the clouds grew darker than dark

the rain became a silver

metallic, shimmering it was

creating patterns there like glitter

but up above those clouds she’d touch

were solid, smooth, and soundless

people see the fluff of white

on summer days outside

but retreat indoors when storms approach

and miss the wonders up high

she was the only one brave enough

or mad enough, they’d say

to climb a ladder mid-storm

and wish the sun away

for upon the clouds she’d lay

on darkened sheets of rain

a paradise above with

raging storm below

she, the only one who’d know

that it’s not after rain

when comes paradise,

it’s simply just above.


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